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Health4EUkids on 16th European Public Health Association (EUPHA) Conference
EUPHA Dublin s

Dublin, 10th November 2023

With great success completed the presentation of Health4EUkids on the 16th EUPHA Conference in Dublin (Ireland). All work package leaders presented their work and the steps they are willing to take in order the project to implement in the best way the best practices “Grunau Moves” from Germany and “Smart Family” from Finland.

George Karydas from 6th Health Administration (Greece) presented the Health4EUkids project and highlighted the importance of coordinating and monitoring the appropriateness and timely completion of all activities from 22 organizations of 12 countries.

Vasiliki Iliopoulou from 6th Health Administration (Greece) referred to the importance of a well-coordinated communication with all the MSs and presented the dissemination plan in order to maximise the efforts and results of the Health4EUkids project.

Zsofia Kimmel from Nemzeti Nepegeszsegugyi Kozpont (Hungary) referred to the evaluation plan in order to assure and verify that the Health4EUkids project is implemented as planned and that accomplishes the objectives defined. Also, it assures that the produced knowledge and outcomes meet high quality standards and have a relevant impact on the MSs.

Angela Giusti from Instituto Superiore di Sanita (Italy) referred to the Sustainability and transferability of good practices for children’s health promotion, obesity and NCDs prevention and responsive parenthood by providing an added value in the policymaking process at local, regional, national and EU levels, and by ensuring the development of guidance by each specific WP on how existing EU policies and tools can support MSs in tackling childhood obesity and health promotion.

Ana Boned – Ombuena from Fundacion para el Fomento de la Investigacion Sanitaria y Biomedicade la Comunitat Valenciana (Spain) referred to the best practice “Grunau moves”, a complex multilevel long-term intervention with focus on social work and community organizing by building strong

relationships, networks, social bonds, transparency, trust and activation, by taking into consideration social and environmental conditions.

Apostolos Vantarakis from University of Patras (Greece) referred to the best practice “Smart Family”, which Terveyden ja Hyvinvoinnin Laitos of Finland is leading, by supporting MSs to develop a monitoring system on childhood obesity adapted to the national contexts, well suited to policy requirements and sustainable over time.

Finally, at the end of the presentations, the attenders had the opportunity to ask questions. Through that section aroused the great interest for the subject and there were many questions regarding the challenges of implementation.



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