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WP6 Smart family
  • “The general objective of this WP is to support MSs to develop a monitoring system on childhood obesity adapted to the national contexts, well suited to policy requirements and sustainable over time. This WP will be based in the Smart Family approach that provide professionals with a method and tools (cards, picture folder, website) for lifestyle counselling and targets families expecting a baby or having children aged 0-12 years.


    The specific objectives of this WP is to support the development as well as the use of childhood obesity indicators for health policy evaluation and prioritization.



  • Heli Kuusipalo (email: )

    Nella Savolainen (email: )”



The “HEALTH4EUkids” Joint Action aims to implement health promotion and prevention strategies for child obesity across European countries. It seeks to share best practices and research findings, particularly focusing on the initiatives Grunau Moves from Germany and Smart Family from Finland. The project involves knowledge transfer, cooperation between member states, policy development, and the promotion of healthy lifestyles in families and communities. Its goal is to prevent childhood obesity, increase physical activity and healthy diet, and ensure the sustainability and transferability of successful practices to other member states.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s EU4HEALTH Programme under the Grant Agreement no 101082462

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