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Health4EUkids – Actions of the 6th Health ADM (6th YPE) in cooperation with “Karamandaneio” Children’s Hospital for informed, healthy and safe children!
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Yesterday, at the office of the Chairman of the 6th Health ADM (6th YPE), Giannis Karvelis, the signing of the program contract between the Administration of the 6th  Health ADM (6th YPE) and the “Karamandaneio” Children’s Hospital with which the cooperation framework of the two bodies was established in the implementation of the actions of the Work Package 5 (W.P. 5) “GRUNAU MOVES GP” of the Joint European Action Health4EUkids.

With the contract, premises and infrastructures of the Center for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (KeFIAp) of “KARAMANDANEIO” Children’s Hospital will be made available for the implementation of the actions.


In the “GRUNAU MOVES GP” of the Joint European Action Health4EUkids, actions are planned in primary schools where children will have the opportunity to approach healthy eating and living in an experiential way. The program’s scientific team and the appropriately trained staff will approach the children through play, with cooking and painting activities.

Two schools of Patras are participating in the first pilot application of the program for the current academic year, and the participation of the city’s Children’s Hospital contributes decisively to the successful implementation. “For us, the “child” is always a priority. Our support for these actions is given and our aim is to expand them at all levels, so that more and more children participate. This is what most of the actions of the 6th Health ADM (6th YPE) aim for, so that children feel informed, protected and safe”, emphasized the Chairman of the 6th Health ADM (6th YPE), Giannis Karvelis.

“The program announced by the chairman of the 6th Health ADM (6th YPE) Mr. Giannis Karvelis is very important because it concerns the development of a prevention network and early treatment of a problem that is a scourge of our time and that is obesity, especially childhood obesity. In Karamandaneio we deal with the effects of obesity and overweight in children every day and we also know their progression to chronic diseases and multimorbidity during adult life. These effects do not only concern the physical but also the mental health of the child. That is why I am especially glad that our hospital will contribute and help in every way to the implementation of such a program. Because we want our children, in addition to being healthy, to be happy and cheerful”, stated the Manager of “Karamandaneio” Mrs. Aspasia Rigopoulou during the signing of the relevant contract.



ype karamandaneio
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