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HEALTHY STEPS by the 6th Health ADM in collaboration with the University of Patras at the 29th and 32nd Primary School of Patras within the framework of the European project Health4EUkids

In the context of the European project Health4EUKids and the implementation of the Work Package 5 (W.P. 5) “GRUNAU MOVES” the first contact was made with the students and teachers of the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th grades of 29th Primary School of Patras and 32nd Primary School of Patras.

The actions, for the year 2023-2024, of “HEALTHY STEPS” concern briefings for children – teachers – parents from the scientific team, physical games and experiential activities focused on healthy nutrition, physical exercise and the adoption of a healthy lifestyle for children aged 8-12 years old. They come from the “GRUNAU MOVES” project that has been successfully developed and implemented in Germany and have been properly adapted by the scientific team of the 6th Health ADM and the University of Patras (interconnected entity in the project) in the Greek reality and the relevant needs, under the supervision of the Scientific Manager of the project, Professor Apostolos Vantarakis of the University of Patras, Head of the Hygiene Laboratory. The team consists of the Pediatrician Eleni Papachatzi (P.G.N.P.) and the Health Visitor Lambrini Lachanioti (6th Health ADM / G.N.P.P. “Karamandaneio”) who designed and implement the action by transferring the most modern and successful European practices to our region. Also, for these actions, a suitable area for children is available from the KEFIAP of G.N.P.P. “Karamandaneio”.

The goal after the pilot application is to establish the actions on an annual basis in the city of Patras (city of project implementation) with a repeatable educational visit the following year for the first implementation schools and for every two new schools that will join the above project each year.

Actions will be continuously enriched based on implementation experiences and emerging possibilities and partnerships, and according to children’s needs.



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