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¨Healthy Living Tool¨ from the 6th Health ADM in collaboration with the University of Patras in the 29th and 32nd Primary Schools of Patras within the framework of the European project Health4EUkids

In the context of the European Health4EUKids project and the implementation of the Work Package 5 (W.P. 5) “GRUNAU MOVES” a meeting was held to discuss the “Healthy Living Tool” with the representatives of the Directorate of Social Protection and the Department of Health of the Municipality of Patras as well as representatives of the Associations of Parents and Guardians and the teachers of the 29th Primary School of Patras and the 32nd Primary School of Patras.

The attendees were informed about the results obtained from the online completion of the “Healthy Living Tool” by the parents and teachers of the areas of the two schools and had the opportunity to exchange opinions on the problems that arose but also to try to develop a common procedure of actions.


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