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Health4EUkids at the final rehearsal of the Olympic Flame Lighting in Ancient Olympia

A visit to Ancient Olympia in order to watch the final rehearsal of the Olympic Flame Lighting was carried out by the 29th Primary School of Patras and the 32nd Primary School of Patras participating in the European project Health4EUKids and in the implementation of Work Package 5 (W.P. 5) “GRUNAU MOVES“. The schools were accompanied by staff from the 6th Health ADM which is involved in the implementation of the project by linking health and physical exercise to the children’s consciousness as it comes to us as a legacy from Ancient Greece.

Olympic Spirit, Exercise and Health form a comprehensive lifestyle approach.

The students wore t-shirts with the program’s logo, making the image noticeable in the crowded archaeological site.

The students had the opportunity to watch the ceremony of the Olympic Flame Lighting in the Temple of Hera, the Choreography of the Priestesses and Kuroi, the entry of the High Priestess with the Olympic Flame into the Ancient Stadium, the handover of the Olympic Flame by the High Priestess to the first Torchbearer and the departure.

In a free time at the end of the excursion, our little friends, showed us in practice with outdoor games that all children need is suitable space and time for exercise.


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