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¨Drawing at school¨ by the 6th Health ADM in collaboration with the University of Patras in the 29th and 32nd Primary Schools of Patras within the framework of the European project Health4EUkids

In the context of the European project Health4EUKids and the implementation of Work Package 5 (W.P. 5) “GRUNAU MOVES” the action “Drawing at school” took place on 14/5/2024 and 15/5/2024 with the students and teachers of 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th Grade of the 29th Primary School of Patras (15/5/2024) and of the 32nd Primary School of Patras (14/5/2024) with the aim of strengthening children’s mental health awareness and physical exercise.

The students painted under the guidance of the painter Mr. Constantinos Artavanis and Ms. Vasiliki Artavanis from the “Morfes Texnis” Workshop and played with all their heart their favorite games in the courtyard of their school.

The present was also given by the chairman of the 6th Health ADM, Giannis Karvelis, where he shared the enthusiasm of the children.

From the Pediatric Clinic of the Universital General Hospital of Patras who supports the project, Dr. Eleni Papachatzi, Pediatrician and Postdoctoral Researcher of the Hygiene Laboratory, Dept. of Medicine, University of Patras.

Finally, the presence and contribution of the volunteers and staff of the 6th Ministry of Health involved in the project was valuable in the implementation of the action.



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