Work Package 2: Dissemination

WP 2

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DYPEDE, Greece

The overall objective is to inform the target audience and stakeholders about EUCanScreen findings and encourage their support and adoption of project
recommendations. Specific objectives are as follows:
§ To ensure a well-coordinated communication between all EUCanScreen participants;
§ To define and establish the consortium’s dissemination and communication strategy;
§ To maximise dissemination efforts and results among all partners with an organised plan;
§ To define and reach the target audience and stakeholders at the levels of institutions, professional societies, policy makers and the public;
§ To provide the means for dissemination and communication of the EUCanScreen actions and outputs;
§ To raise awareness of the target audience, stakeholders, and community in general about the EUCanScreen activities.

Activities and division of work (WP description)

Task Nr Task Name Description Participants Role In-kind Contributions/Subcontracting
T2.1 Dissemination strategy and communication action plan A targeted dissemination strategy and action plan will be developed based on communication channels and networks preferred by the partners. This task will be led by the 6th DYPEDE/UPAT, Greece. DYPEDE All partners AE COO, BEN, AE, AP No
T2.2 Stakeholders mapping Stakeholder mapping will be performed as part of the stakeholder analyses, considering existing networks and EU-funded or international projects. Internal and external stakeholder’s networks will be developed and maintained to facilitate communication and ensure the project findings reach relevant end users. This task will be led by the 6th DYPEDE/UPAT, Greece. All partners COO, BEN, AE, AP No
T2.3 Project identity Visual identity, including EUCanScreen logo and website, will be created for use in project-related activities and materials (printed, online). Communication tools, including blogs, leaflets, newsletters, posters, presentations, releases, videos and events, will be developed in collaboration with an external service provider (subcontractor). This task will be led by the 6th DYPEDE/UPAT, Greece. All partners COO, BEN, AE, AP Yes (Subcontra cting)
T2.4 Implementation of communication and dissemination strategy The strategy will be tailored for the EU Institutions, healthcare professionals, general population and patients/citizen organisations. Communication and dissemination tools and channels will be matched to target groups (social media campaigns, participation in events and conferences at European and national levels, including the European Week Against Cancer and the European Cancer Summit). Synergies with other important initiatives coordinated by the JRC will be created (the European Network of Cancer Registries [ENCR] , the European Commission Initiative on Breast Cancer [ECIBC] and the European Cancer Information System [ECIS]). Through these collaborations pursued also in WP4 and WP6 tasks, outputs and evidence generated by the JA (notably best practices, lessons learnt, guidelines for screening programmes) will be made available to relevant stakeholders. A joint stakeholder conference will be organised in Rome as a pan-European networking event, with several workshops and parallel sessions dedicated to each core/key JA WPs. To effectively promote the JA at international level, the conference will reach out to specialised agencies such as IARC and other international stakeholders. The communication addressing each of the groups/levels listed above will be organized to ensure credibility of the JA’s results. This task will be led by Italy/ProMIS. LU ISPRO ProMIS DYPEDE MINSAL All partners COO BEN AE BEN, AE, AP No
T2.5 Dissemination monitoring A monitoring feedback template will be developed and circulated among EUCanScreen partners to report on dissemination activities within each WP. This task will be led by the 6th DYPEDE/UPAT, Greece. All partners COO, BEN, AE, AP No

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The general objective of EUCanScreen is to assure sustainable implementation of high-quality screening for breast, cervical and colorectal cancers, as well as implementation of the recently recommended screening programs – for lung, prostate and gastric cancers. EUCanScreen will facilitate the reduction of cancer burden and achieving equity across the EU.






This project has received funding from the European Union’s EU4HEALTH Programme under the Grant Agreement no 101162959

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