Work Package 5: Monitoring

WP 5

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CSF, Finland

The overall objective is to improve existing and develop new standards for data sharing and standardisation across countries, to improve monitoring and comparison of
screening programs, and to enable cross-border research using screening data. Specific objectives are as follows:
§ To assess the ethical, legal and social implications of data sharing;
§ To develop open-source tools that build on top of existing European cancer screening indicators and data platforms, thus enabling monitoring, data sharing and
research with both individual level and aggregated data;
§ To support monitoring of cancer screening both nationally and on a European level;
§ To facilitate harmonised collection of cancer screening data across different screening programs;
§ To evaluate possibilities of the European Health Data Space in context of cancer screening.

Activities and division of work (WP description)

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The general objective of EUCanScreen is to assure sustainable implementation of high-quality screening for breast, cervical and colorectal cancers, as well as implementation of the recently recommended screening programs – for lung, prostate and gastric cancers. EUCanScreen will facilitate the reduction of cancer burden and achieving equity across the EU.






This project has received funding from the European Union’s EU4HEALTH Programme under the Grant Agreement no 101162959

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