Work Package 3: Evaluation of the project

WP 3

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UWK, Austria

The overall objective is to document this JA implementation using traceable criteria and data and to contribute to accomplishment of JA’s objectives through feedback. Specific
objectives of the evaluation, based on the Logic Framework Approach, are as follows:
§ To ensure accountability of the EUCanScreen activities by assessing if they were carried out as planned, if the intended products (outputs) were of desired quality, and if
intended or planned impacts were made in relation to cancer screening;
§ To optimise EUCanScreen implementation by identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT), providing systematic support to the EUCanScreen
participants, as well as documenting and sharing their learning experiences to answer the overarching question on lessons learned.

Activities and division of work (WP description)

Task NrTask NameDescriptionParticipantsRoleIn-kind Contributions/Subcontracting

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The general objective of EUCanScreen is to assure sustainable implementation of high-quality screening for breast, cervical and colorectal cancers, as well as implementation of the recently recommended screening programs – for lung, prostate and gastric cancers. EUCanScreen will facilitate the reduction of cancer burden and achieving equity across the EU.






This project has received funding from the European Union’s EU4HEALTH Programme under the Grant Agreement no 101162959

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